Eid ul Fitr 2014

We have announced the celebration of Eid on Monday 28th July 2014 based upon various sources. Our primary source is the confirmation by Mufti Muhammad Akbar from Darul Uloom Pretoria,  S. Africa, that they HAVE SIGHTED the Moon.

Wudu Facility Construction

  Alhamdulillah, By the Grace of Almighty Allah (swt) Al Markaz Ul Islami has begun the construction work of the mens Wudhu area. The Wudhu Area will include 1 Disabled Toilet, 11 normal Toilets, 11 Wudhu Taps, 5 Wash Basins and 2 Shower Rooms. Our aim is to...

Shajarah 2

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Islaahi Majaalis 2013

Islaahi Majaalis 2013

“By the mercy of Allah (most high) the 3 day Islaahi Majaalis retreat held at Al Markaz Ul Islami under the supervision of our noble teacher his eminence Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza came to an end today. I wholeheartedly congratulate the team for its efforts...