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 Al-Markaz-ul-Islami is under the guidance of Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza who is a prominent and honourable scholar, striving to educate the Muslim Ummah within England. He is highly qualified in various Islamic sciences such as tafseer, fiqh, aqaid, ahadiths and Arabic grammar. He is well-known throughout England and Pakistan, as he is considered a “scholars’ scholar” since many of his students are actually considered scholars in their own right. From a very young age, he showed tremendous gifts intellectually and a profound ability to absorb a great deal of information. He was taught by many high ranking academics of Islam and this culminated in him completing the memorisation (hifz) of the Holy Quran at the tender age of 13. He then went on to successfully complete an intense Dars -e- Nizami (Aalim) course at the age of 21, which was then followed up by the completion of a Mufti course and apprenticeship.

‘The seeking of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim’

Although he spent much time studying with his father (Mufti Saif ur-Rahman) he also studied at The International Islamic University where he completed his masters in Arabic (Qada Course). In addition to this he studied at Alaama Iqbal University and completed his Mphil in Arabic at the University of Peshawar. During his university life he completed an entire thesis simply based upon one word of the Holy Quran (Innamaa) which reflects the depth of his knowledge.

Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza has also been granted permission (ijaaza) by Shaykh Fazal ur-Rahman to continue the work on behalf of the Naqshbandi silsila and is a strong advocate of zikr (the remembrance of Allah). He has achieved ijaza in various others salasils including the Qadri and Owaisi tariqah. Furthermore, he has been given ijaza for the Shadhili tariqa from Shaykh Muhammad Bashir Al-Qirmani but has humbly chosen not embrace this great honour.

In terms of his lineage, Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza has descended from ten generations of prominent scholars, a few of who have had the opportunity to teach Ahadiths in the holy cities of Makkah and Madina. Upon his arrival in England in 1996, Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza immediately began conveying the message of Islam to the young and old, to men and women and to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and has attracted a remarkable amount of students, friends and followers. His profound desire to spread Islam solely based upon the Quran and Sunnah has been his key method. He also picked up the English language through tireless studying upon arriving in England, in order to communicate with and attract the youth to Islam.
During his time in England he has established various organisations, namely a masjid (Al Markaz Ul-Islami), a charity (Save the Mother’s Trust), Al Markaz Drummond Road Campus for the teaching of children in the basics of Islam, an Islamic library, a youth club and Islamic consultancy. He also manages 35 educational institutes in Pakistan and has supported various global causes, both educational and humanitarian. Despite having accomplished many feats in his life, he still yearns to create further services and facilities to cater for the Muslim community, to ensure they develop and maintain a strong bond with Allah and His Messenger. His desire is to see the next generation of Muslims within England confidently study, practise and propagate the faith of Islam.

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