Institute of Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies for Children

Course Outline

All children will be taught the proper manner of recitation in accordance with the rules laid out by the scholars of Tajweed. To have a good understanding of how to recite the Quran is an obligation on every muslim. This subject allows the children to understand the theoretical terminology as well as the opportunity to recite the Quran under the supervision of qualified Huffaz & Qaris.

Islamic worship

Ablution, Prayer, Fasting, and all masnoon Duas taught in an easy and enjoyable manner.

Islamic History

The life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the lives of other Prophets & stories of great personalities in Islam.

Arabic & Urdu Language

Reading, writing and speaking. Islamic Etiquettes Manners with regards to Eating, Sitting, Talking, Treatment of Parents and Elders, Brotherhood, Obedience etc.


Students will be taught the basics of Islam (Fard ul Ayn), belief regarding Allah, the Prophets, Angels, Books, the Day of Judgment fate and the life after death.

Primary & Secondary Madrassa Classes

Boys & Girls Age 5-14

Time (Class 1) Monday to Friday  4:30PM – 6:00PM
Time (Class 2) Monday to Friday 6:00PM – 7:30PM

Course Cost                         £5 PER Week (Fee is paid monthly)
Registration Fee                 £10 (Non Refundable)

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