The Nafs is a force that is within every human which desires to lead an individual away from Allah (swt) and his commandments. It’s objective is to firmly establish itself so that it may control every ambition, desire and lust within us.

By following the spiritual path of Tasawwuf one can gradually establish control over his/her Nafs and forsake things that are dear for the love of Allah (swt) it is also helps rid him/herself of certain traits such as selfishness, excessive pride, ignorance, sexual desires, wealth, power, greed and anger.

Remember sin forms a layer on the heart like rust does on steel but does not penetrate like the evil and self desires that transform the nafs. So this explains how the nafs can transform either into the animal formdue to evil, or into an angelic form due to our sincere good deeds.

The Nafs is very stubbon so it needs strong tazkira (purification) to root out the evil desires. Salah a main Pillar in islam is a key for the purification when one performs salah humbly.

The other key component is fikr where one ponders and reflects on what has led one to that horrific state.

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