Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza

Expert in Adult Education, Tutoring, Public Speaking
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Al Markaz Ul Islami – Sm Complex, Beckside Lane, Bradford BD7 2JX

About Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza

Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza is a prominent and honourable scholar across the muslim world, who hails from a family of 10 generations of scholars. He is highly qualified in various Islamic sciences, with many of his students being scholars in their own right.

The Shaykh showed a tremendous intellectual ability from a young age, and completed the memorisation of the Qur’aan at the tender age of 13. He was taught by many high ranking academics, and successfully completed the Dars-e-Nizaami course at the age of 21, followed by the Mufti course and an apprenticeship.

During his university life he completed an entire thesis based on one word of the Qur’aan, highlighting his immense knowledge.

The Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza has Ijaza in the Naqshbandi Silsila from Shaykh Fazl ur-Rahman, and is a strong advocate of Zikr, holding regular gatherings. He also has Ijaaza in various other salasils including the Qadiri and Owaisi tariqah.

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