Our Services @ Al Markaz Ul Islami

Services that Al Markaz Ul Islami can provide you..

  1. Jumma Prayers
    Khutbah in English 12.15pm, Jamaat 1.00pm delivered by Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza. Brother and sister can participate in events and listen to khutbas, talks and prayers via speakers.
    Khutba Topics Include: The Inner dimensions of worship, social & educational development, Leadership and Family Life
  2. Al Markaz Publication Production of Islamic (books and leaflets)
    a. Dhikr Book
    b. Sayyid ul WARA
    c. Khalasa Quran
    d. Depression Leaflet
    e. Iraab Us salaat
    f. IBEQ – My Qaida
    g. IBEQ – My Salah
    h. IBEQ- Syllabus (Internal only)
  3. Al Markaz Muslim Funeral Plan
  4. Al Markaz Tours – Umrah trip twice a year,Hajj
  5. Monthly Magazine
  6. Medicare – The Hijama Clinic
    Professional cupping delivered by certified medical professionals with approved ICAHT accreditation in hijama.
  7. Food Bank
  8. Education after school homework and reading/study support
    At Al Markaz Ul Islami we have a team of fully qualified experienced tutors who
    provide private tuition for a range of subjec ts of SATs GCSEs AS & A2 levels for
    people who require private tuition in their homes .
    Specialised subjects include: Maths, English, Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), Religious Education, History, French, Arabic Language and Urdu.
  9. Homeopathic and spiritual Healing Clinic
    Homeopathy offers treatment towards acute and chronic conditions, mental/emotional disorders injuries. It works by stimulating the body’s own defence system to help the body, mind and spirit.
  10. Islamic Consutation- Advice and Counseling in matters of Religious and Social Issues Islamic consultancy
    Al Markaz ul Islami Islamic Consultancy uses Islamic values and teachings in the programme with emphasis on community relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the need for Muslims to be proactive in the British community and be partners in nation-building. Islamic Consultancy provides services to the Local Authorities, the Government and the general public regardless of religion, sex, age or race. Although we follow Islamic guidelines in providing our services, but the client does not have to embrace the Islamic faith to benefit from our services.
  11. Guidance for New Muslims
  12. Jumma Prayers – Sermon in English and Urdu
    We have large prayer halls with separate entrances for both men and women which provides them with privacy, safety and segregation. Brother and sister can participate in events and listen to khutbas, talks and prayers via speakers.
  13. Da’wah Activities
  14. Noor Community Kitchen
    We provide catering services for small and large events
  15. Marriage/Nikãh Services – Authorised by Registrars office to hold weddings ceremonies – Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

    “The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses.” [Bayhaqi]

    “Announce the marriage and do it in the Masjid and beat daffs for that.”

    A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO HOLD YOUR NIKAH AT THE MASJID In the Shari‘ah, marriage (nikah) is a relationship of mutual love, mercy and kindness (muwaddah, sukun and rahmah). In Islamic law marriage is a civil contract between two parties which allows them to mutually agree upon the terms and conditions of their future together. Like any other contract, the parties involved must consent to the agreement out of their own free will. We are also registered for the solemnisation of marriage under the 1948 Marriage Act. This ensures that we are able to conduct marriages recognised under English or Scottish law. Thus Muslims married in Britain will be able to access the British courts regarding marital issues whilst at the same time enabling British courts to enforce the rights of parties to a Muslim marriage in accordance with the Shari‘ah.

  16. Youth Club for Boys and Girls (Weekend) Schooling Projects: Al Markaz Academy Ofsted registered Secondary Girls School

Service timings 2018

Al Markaz Ul Islami
Weekly and Monthly Schedule

Jumma Khutbah in Urdu and English       

Starts – 12.15pm, Jamaat 1.00pm

(Separate arrangement for sisters/Tea served)


Khutbah delivered by Mufti Qazi Hassan Raza


Khutba Topics Include: The Inner dimensions of worship, social & educational development, Leadership and Family Life
Islamic Law and Traditional Studies (degree)            Mon-Thurs                  9.00am-2.30pm

Quran for Children and Basic Islamic Studies           Mon to Friday  4.25pm- 5.50pm & 6.10pm – 7.35pm

Pre Hifz Children Class                                              Mon to Friday  5.00pm – 7.00pm

Kick Boxing (Children 5yrs-14)                                  Monday           7.30pm – 8.30pm

Tajweed and Islamic studies (sisters only)                 Mon & Wed     10.00am – 11.00am & 7.30pm-8-30pm

Dhikr Khafi (Silent Zikr)                                              Wednesday     8.00pm – 9.00pm

Seera Tun Nabi                                                           Thursday         6.30pm – 8..30pm

Dhikr Gathering                                                          Friday              7.45pm  (Food served/separate arrangement for sisters)

Darse Nizami Course (Aalim/a course)                      Sat – Sun         10.00am – 2.00pm

Islamic Consultancy & Spiritual Cliinic                       Mon-Thurs      2.00pm-6.00pm (only by appointment

Homeopathy                                                               Once/Month

Qiraat/Naat /Nasheed Training                                   COMING SOON

Nikaah/Marriage service available (our Centre is registered for solemnisation of marriages with the Bradford Registrars office), Also Rooms available for Hire.

Al Markaz Ul Islami, SM Complex, Beckside Lane (off Beckside Road), BD7 2JX
Tel: 01274 270043,, email: